Our credo: Each skin deserves its individual treatment. Hence we offer you the modern beauty-concept that perfectly fits your skin type.

Following a skin-type analysis we will arrange a treatment-menu that is tailor made for your demands.

Cleansing, peeling and final care are included in every treatment.

Some examples from the DOM Kosmetik’s wide range of services:


Naturally stimulates skin regeneration for younger looking, refined and smooth skin.

Peeling with diamond attachment • ampoule/serum • masks

Single treatment 60 Min.   90 €

Skin Care Advice

Professional skin and cometics consultation. The consultation price is credited at the first treatment.

20 Min.   15 €

Meso Beauty Lift

Our revolutionary anti-ageing system for beautiful, firm skin in quick time. With this procedure we swiftly soften lines and wrinkles for firmer, fuller skin.

Microdermabrasion • peeling • mesoporation (liposomes + hyaluronic acid) • masks

Single treatment 90 Min.   130 €


Regenerative anti-ageing treatment with powerful ingredients for a firm skin. A treatment experience with an instant but also lasting effect.

Serum • ultrasound • facial massage • masks

Single treatment 90 Min.   100 €

Cosmetics Collone

Fruit Acid Peeling

Immediate positive effects, especially on more mature or tired skin, or skin with large pores and wrinkles. Stimulates both skin regeneration and collagen production, and stabilises the acid mantle.

Serum • masks

Single treatment 60 Min.   75 €


The beauty booster for your skin. Fast, efficient power treatment which gently tightens the skin and gives it radiance.

Strong active ingredient serum • ultrasound • masks

Single treatment 90 Min.   110 €


The silver bullet to combat wrinkles with immediate tightening effects. Stimulates and activates the regeneration of collagen fibres. Serum + radio-frequency

Serum + radio frequency • masks

Single treatment 90 Min.   130 €

Individual treatments

Pedicure   47 €

Manicure   30 €

Back massage (60 Min.)   70 €

Eyebrow shaping   8 €

Eyebrow tint   8 €

Eyelash tint   10 €

Upper lip depilation   10 €

Upper lip & chin depilation   15 €

Babor Ultimate A16 Detox Treatment


Smooths and optimises the skin’s structure. Makes the skin appear more even and fine-pored. For a youthful complexion full of brightness and radiance.

60 Min.   75 €

Babor Couperose/Rosacea Treatment

Reduces redness, flaking and visible blood vessels. For a balanced, even complexion.

60 Min.   65 €

Babor Collagen Booster Treatment


Intensive skin tissue strengthening and wrinkle correction. Boosts your skin’s elasticity and smoothness.

75 Min.   90 €