Our credo: Each skin deserves its individual treatment. Hence we offer you the modern beauty-concept that perfectly fits your skin type.

Following a skin-type analysis we will arrange a treatment-menu that is tailor made for your demands. Some examples from the DOM Kosmetik’s wide range of services:


A power-treatment for your skin

Regenerative facial treatment with powerful ingredients for your skin. After the gentle facial cleansing the substances are introduced into the skin using ultrasound, massage of the mimic lines and a skin mask. A treatment experience with an instant but also lasting effect.

Single treatment: 90 min.   98 €


Our revolutionary anti-ageing system for beautiful, firm skin in record time.

The mesopo-rotationary treatment declares war on your lines and wrinkles. With this treatment we will reduce wrinkles and lines in short time, which results in a youthful complexion and firm and saturated skin. For an optimal and long-lasting effect we recommend a spa treatment.

We are looking forward to advise you on our deep skin facelift.

Single treatment: 90 min.   129 €

Fruit Acid Peeling

Refined treatment for a fresh look

Our fruit acid peelings refine your complexion and support your youthful, well-groomed appearance. The upper dead skin cells are being removed from the skin, the regeneration of he skin, as well as the production of collagen are stimulated, and the skin’s natural acidic layer is stabilised. The positive effects of this treatment are especially visible with more mature skin and lines, as well as coarse-pored, or tired-looking skin, impure skin, or minor, superficial acne scars, and cornification disorders.

Single treatment: 60 min.   69 €

CNC Micro Needling

Skin regeneration through stimulation. The CNC Micro Needling treatment is a special method, which activates the production of new collagen and elastin and the release of hyaluronic acid. The structure of the skin will be strengthened by the natural healing and regeneration process of the skin.
The skin is especially receptive for the special cosmetic agents after this treatment.

Single treatment: 75 min.   129 €

Ultrasound Treatment

Fast and efficient power-treatment that will firm the skin tenderly and help it glow. Individually tailored treatment agents are introduced into the skin via ultrasound. A skin mask fitting your skin type will seal the products in your skin.

Single treatment: ca. 90 min.   99 €
Can be booked as a spa treatment

Be light on your feet with us

pedicure   30 €